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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels are equipments used for handling mediums at an internal pressure exceeding 15 PSI. Mostly all process equipments fall under the category of Pressure Vessels and can be designed as one using appropriate Codes & Standards. We manufacture Pressure Vessels of all orientations (i.e. Horizontal & Vertical) shapes (i.e. Cylindrical, Spherical) and sizes.

Mixing Vessels

These are equipments that are provided with an Agitator assembly which is used in order to provide Mild Blending to Rigorous Agitation of mediums present inside the equipment. Various types of Impellers (viz. Anchor Type, Pitched Blade Turbine, Ribbon Type, Screw Type, Paddle Type) are used to achieve required degree of mixing over the mediums used.

Chemical Reactors CSTR (Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor)

A combination of three elements i.e. Heat Transfer, Mixing & Moderate Pressure, these Reactors are used for mixing chemicals wherein the reaction between two chemicals occur at controlled & elevated temperatures. Heat transfer in these reactors can be done through Internal Coils, Half Pipe Jackets or Limpets or Fully Jacketed Shell with Spirals that act as flow guides. We have also manufactured Fluidized Bed Reactors & Hydrogenators using Client provided drawings and datasheets.

Agitated Reactor
Distillation Column
J-317 Pidilite Blender 40KL
J-373 Desmet Reactor
J-379 Desmet Blender
Limpeted Agitator Tank
Limpeted Reactors
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